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Ball mason jar dating

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They are being sold along with modern screw bands and lids. Ball Perfect Mason — Half Gallon and Quart sizes Most of the earlier versions were round cylindrical in shape, and some of the later types are square with rounded corners in design. Among the earliest glass jars used for home canning were wax sealers, named in reference to the sealing wax that was poured into a channel around the lip to secure a tin lid. The glass is a bit thinner and lighter than the original Ball Perfect Mason types. The jar lid had a rubber or rubber-like sealing surface and was held in place by a separate metal band. By semi-automatic machines manufactured the majority of these jars. Although Lightning jars were popular for home canning use from the early s to the early s, they were not as common as screw-thread Mason jars. Most home canners would pay little or no attention to the markings in the first place. Antique canning jars are often sold through antique stores and auction sites such as eBay. The court acknowledged that Mason had invented the jar in , but he did not apply for a patent for an improved version of the fruit jar until Mason jars with this particular color of glass may be attributed to Ball, since "virtually no other bottle or jar was made in that color. This process, which was complicated and error-prone, became popular in the late s or early s and was commonly used for sealing fruit jars from the early s until about The sealing surface on the jar was a "shelf" that supported the lower edge of the lid. It had several variations, including a square-shaped jar. Most mouth-blown Mason jars embossed with some type of patent date were produced in aqua glass. Putnam modified de Quillfeldt's design so that the lid was secured by centering the wire bail between two raised dots or in a groove along the lid's center. In the meantime, several others had patented designs and Mason had known these jars were being produced and sold.

Ball mason jar dating

Mason jars usually have a proprietary brand embossed on the jar. This type of jar dominated the market by the mid to late s. The Ball brand of Mason jars were manufactured in several colors, but the most common color was the distinctive "Ball blue," which the Ball Corporation used in its jars from about to The Ball Perfect Mason jar, one of the most common jars of this style, was introduced around and produced until the mid-twentieth century. The lid is placed on top of the jar with the integral rubber seal resting on the rim. The cooling of the contents creates a vacuum in the head space, pulling the lid into tight contact with the jar rim to create a hermetic seal. A band is screwed loosely over the lid, allowing air and steam to escape. Each mold was hand-cut hand-engraved with the lettering incised backward into the inside surface of the mold, which of course resulted in the embossing raised lettering which is seen on the surface of the jar. Most mouth-blown Mason jars embossed with some type of patent date were produced in aqua glass. Some jars have embossing that is unusually faint for instance, just one or two letters within a word and this can sometimes be due to accumulated debris partially filling the engraving of the lettering on the mold itself at the time of making, or perhaps some other reason. Some dedicated and experienced antique jar collectors will state that they think the number 13 jars are just as common as jars as those with other numbers. Antique canning jars are often sold through antique stores and auction sites such as eBay. There are various shades and tints of these colors out there. Typically, they were made in half pint, pint, quart, and half-gallon sizes. Some unscrupulous dealers will irradiate jars to bring out colors not original to the jar. See this chart courtesy Minnetrista. The sealing surface on the jar was a "shelf" that supported the lower edge of the lid. The closure consists of a metal wire arrangement with a lever that applies leverage to a glass lid when pivoted downward against the side of the jar, clamping it down over a separate rubber O ring. The stopper or lid was typically made from metal, porcelain, or ceramic, while a rubber gasket was used to seal the container. Within a short time he sold the patent rights to several individuals, including Henry Putnam and Karl Hutter. John Landis Mason , inventor of the Mason jar By far the most popular and longest used form of closure for the glass canning jar was a zinc screw-on cap , the precursor to today's screw-on lids. Mouth-blown or hand-blown jars embossed with a version of "Mason's Patent November 28th " were made about to and often had a ground lip as well. This holiday was created by Unboxing the Bizarre. Rarer still are cobalt blue, black, and milk-glass jars. If the jar seal is properly formed, internal vacuum will keep the lid tightly on the jar.

Ball mason jar dating

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