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Dating a guy with facial hair

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It's not pleasant, but on the bright side, at least he'll be more understanding about your shedding. Kissing is Worse If you think cuddling is bad, kissing is practically impossible. All the greats including Brad Pitt, Idris Alba, and many others have beards. This shows a bearded man has his own beauty routines, which means he would also be concerned about your looks. Bearded men are extremely committed. They are fit and healthier. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a beard. Beards are not Louboutins. You are most likely never to get bored with bearded guys. But ya know what, you do have to wait a little while for it to grow in again before you can wax again- if anyone sees the little fine hair growing in, I don't care! There are so many ways to have fun with a beard. Kissing a man with a beard tickles in a good way. And they're a unique accessory in that guys can't just go out and buy them. Instead, they've become a totally trendy dude accessory. I know they're still there, but they're just SO furry these days. A beard gives them something to stroke while they are thinking. A man with a beard will often carry the perception of wisdom and discernment.

Dating a guy with facial hair

Beards cannot only be used to charm women, but also to put accent on your insults as well as threaten your enemies… They need to realize that most of what they see is the result of much grooming and that's not naturally how women really look! It's natural- it's the human body and it has hair on it!!! And It's HIS Hair That Clogs the Sink Also, if he's ever complained that your hair is everywhere, just wait until you find scraggly beard hair in the sink and shower all of the time. And nothing kills your mood more than having to make him lift his mustache to reveal his lips before puckering up. Spitting out gum is also a real challenge, apparently. By Deena Bustillo on. He allows you to relive that rebellious streak from high school. Everyone expects me to be just as crazy about his hairy face as he is and — no pun intended — it just hasn't grown on me. For a woman ready to have a family, a beard might stand for a man who is hormonally ready to make babies. Now here are 8 amazing reasons why dating a bearded man is probably the best idea you'll ever have: He was the perfect guy, wasn't he? If the man has patience to grow a beard, keep him. This is both amusing and depressing. Beards give guys a strong air of seriousness. My BF has beard balm, oil, soap, a handmade comb he ordered on Etsy, and that's just the beginning. Basically, if you've ever had a complex about having a big head, just date a guy with a beard. Well, if petting dogs, fluffy kittens and goats can have therapeutic benefits, the same is true for a beard. Actually I wouldn't even call it an issue, In fact I think its normal for most women to have a little peach fuzz on the upper lip- if you happen to have darker hair, you can notice it more. To commit to a beard is a big deal. If you lay on his chest, hair goes in your eyes, tickles your nose, and, if you're not careful, you'll end up with a mouthful of hair. A man with a beard generates alpha status and lets a woman know that he can be a good protector. And they're a unique accessory in that guys can't just go out and buy them. They are constantly in flux, even when they are not being consciously trimmed down. The beard crumb checks, the conversations with randoms, and the smell of beard oil just all become part of your daily life.

Dating a guy with facial hair

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