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Dating american girl dolls

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The faces have a general overall look of a young, prepubescent girl with wide eyes and soft, childish features. Body Tag Body tag. This is called the artist mark or designer mark and is actually the mark of the designer of the original head mold. When examining the neck stamps, many differences can be seen in the fonts and lettering used on the older dolls. Often these differences can be very subtle and difficult to pinpoint unless holding the doll in person or seeing an older doll along side a newer doll. This guide will define these terms as well as others, and is designed to help you figure out what to look for when searching for a collectible American Girl doll. The head has a flared base that holds the head to the cloth body when the neck strings or zip tie are tied. Otherwise the doll has to be taken to an American Girl Store and have the ears pierced at the salon, or sent in to the Doll Hospital. Removable underwear, modified permanent underwear "permapanties" , the Stripes and Dots Swimsuit over permanent underwear. Since Mattel's ownership, each doll has come with a body tag sewn onto the right side of their body. Was marketed as "green" on Mia. Does the doll have an "x" mark on it's rump? Are any of the eyelashes missing? The dolls on which these tags appear all have tan bodies so they cannot possibly have been made in only white body dolls were made in the s. This is not an accurate way of aging the doll for at least two reasons. Pinpointing a country of origin for a specific American Girl doll is very difficult. The Artist Mark on a 4, behind the right ear.

Dating american girl dolls

No white body dolls have body tags. Each doll has sleep eyes that close when the doll is laid down or tilted backwards. The vinyl used for the older doll heads and limbs is a bit softer and more pliable. Meet outfits made before often have tags listing a year and country of production. Modified Hands Modified right hand on the Tenney Grant doll. The earliest tagged Felicity meet dresses indicate that they were made in West Germany in The older dolls have more uneven lettering that has a less typeset look. This allows the dolls limbs to turn and hold positions without moving and stand freely. As of , any 18" doll can have hearing aids placed in either the left, right, or both ears via the Hospital. The seam can be opened and the zip cut open, but it will then need to be replaced with either strings or a new zip tie. Two types of freckling exist; the one first used on the Kit doll and the one used on the Mia doll. The joints are attached to the body by means of tightly pulled elastic cords. Does the doll have an "x" mark on it's rump? The Artist Mark on a 4, behind the right ear. The majority of dolls made before do NOT have a body tag. It is believed that the first Felicity dolls released in wore the tagged rose garden dresses. The Pleasant Company neckstamp continues to appear on the dolls even after Mattel purchased the company in The eyes are made of three parts. Is the seller the original owner? Contemporary characters and modern dolls are returned with a pair of generic panties similar to those that came with the Lilac Dress , while the three BeForever Characters are returned with standard white panties. These tags are a bit of a mystery. Keep in mind that not everyone will be able to answer these questionsif a seller doesn't know what silver eye is or can't figure out what you mean about the body color, you can always refer them to this guide to help get a better description. No other doll currently has this eye color. Inside each limb and the internal body are small white semi-circle caps that were originally clamped tight with metal flanks. The clothing was redesigned to fit the newer doll body shape. Any 18" doll may be pierced when sent in to the Hospital or at an American Girl place.

Dating american girl dolls

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