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Dating ec kropp postcards

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That same year they began printing stereo-views in postcard size. Phillip Palm produced many calendars, novelties, greeting cards, and artist signed postcards in chromolithography. One would have to reference contemporary real photo images of the auditorium to verify. They were an early publisher of postcards beginning with private mailing cards in halftone line block on textured paper. At the same time, they cooperated with printers from England, France and other countries to produce postcards. These cards were printed in the United States. Kiser, who had originally studied business law, was an avid hiker and photographer. With his career rising Fred broke the partnership with his brother in and established the Kiser Photo Company. They became the E. In they changed their name to the Ketterlinus Manufacturing Company. Many of his photographs were turned into real photo postcards by the Sawyer Company. Knapp took control of the business and a year later consolidated a Trust with the major lithographers of Donaldson Brothers of New York, F.

Dating ec kropp postcards

The mountain photographer Clarence L. Kropp Company in and produced large numbers of national view-cards and other subjects. These cards were manufactured in Germany. Note especially that the wave pattern is identical in both printings. Their early cards had a dull but pleasant finish, but they were eventually replaced by more brightly colored photochromes. They produced a wide variety of cards in different mediums but are best known for their many artist signed cards from notables such as Raphael Kirchner, Mela Koehler and Fritz Schonpflug. Most of us are familiar with the magic that can be accomplished with PhotoShop and other software programs that can be used to alter a digital photograph in ways both major and minor. In they changed their name to the Ketterlinus Manufacturing Company. Many of the images found on these unusual cards are very strange without an understandable narritive. Some cards may have also been produced in conjunction with Emil Storch in Vienna. This eBay seller uses photo hosting by Auctiva, so you can click on the front image in the item description to see an enlarged view. While most of his cards presented traditional views in the vignetted format, some took on playful aspects. They produced lithographic reproductions of famous japanese woodblock prints, especially of Yakusha Hagaki, those expressive portraits of actors. Kiser coined the phrase See America First in as part of the railroads publicity campaign. While most companies gave up the more expensive chromolithographic printing method in favor of the cheaper halftone process, Koehler had been a pioneer in tricolor technology and returned to producing chromolithographs. These cards were printed as monotones and tinted halftones. This became the Rotograph Co. Although he had sold his early negatives to Winter and Gifford, he retained copies and continued to use them. They also printed postcards depicting Blacks and naval ships. Simply leave a circular area in the dark sky without any color! Kerry captured a number of rare views during the expeditions he was assigned to, and he is especially noted for his innovative photos of the Jenolan and Yarrangobilly caves. Cards were also produced of the Great White Fleet when it arrived in Sydney in These cards were of much higher quality than those that would printed under the E. In Ludwig Knackstedt teamed up with the photo manufacturer Arthur Schwarz of Neue Photographische Gesellschaft to form their own publishing company. Kayser is suspected of using stolen photographic images for his cards. They printed banknotes for the Reichsbank between and In addition to selling photographs, Koch produced a great many stereo-views.

Dating ec kropp postcards

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