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Eddie murphy and robin givens dating

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From here Marcus gets a taste of his own medicine. Hudlin however, "thought that actually made her perfect for the role, that she was this formidable person, and a match for Eddie Murphy, who also had an increpid reputation as a ladies' man. The role of Lady Eloise's butler was played by Jonathan Hicks, a friend of the director's, who replaced a sick actor at the last minute. Hudlin however did say that "she was great to work with," and that "she really got into the spirit of it, and was a lot of fun. He explained that once the actors "get a sense that someone will tell them if something doesn't work, or that we're getting too far afield, then they feel comfortable doing what they do. What was wrong with all of us that it took us so long to figure out what we really needed to do to fix the movie? And fortunately, for her reaction shots she was able to recover. She was absolutely perfect for the role. She also had a recurring role portraying a fictionalized version of herself on the CW comedy-drama The Game. However, the setting was changed to New Orleans , and the scenes taking place there were shot in D. So I came upon the idea of showing feet. When editing the film, they simply reversed the footage to make it appear as if the lights were being turned on. It was the 18th highest grossing film in the U.

Eddie murphy and robin givens dating

However, the filmmakers felt it to be too shocking, to the point where it threw the rhythm of the picture off, so they only used it in the small clip being edited for the perfume commercial. And if there is a comparison to be made, Think Like a Man is the closest thing to Boomerang I have seen in years and a sequel, potentially titled The Best Man, is on the way. About him, Hudlin said, "I think he is an absolutely underrated genius. When he's stood up by Givens, Murphy sulks by the phone, all pouty and petulant, and it's howlingly funny. After they finished the first draft of the script and were given the greenlight on the project, Murphy offered the directing job to Reginald Hudlin , who had previously found critical and commercial success with his debut film House Party. And I remember the agony of watching the emotional stakes of that picture. As always in these kinds of films, characters evolve and learn their lessons, but so often any measure of authenticity the story may be going for is lost in the way things are wrapped up. Design[ edit ] The production was very demanding, including an expensive wardrobe budget, which Hudlin felt was completely worth the price. In addition to television and film roles, Givens has performed onstage. Ratings initially increased after Givens took over hosting duties, [9] but soon fell. However, the setting was changed to New Orleans , and the scenes taking place there were shot in D. It was written for her, and she came in very humble, very sweet. Grace Jones, Nipsey Russell, Geoffrey Holder and Eartha Kitt are among the supporting players, and everyone gets a chance to go way over the top. When we first meet Murphy as Marcus Graham, a New York cosmetics company exec and louche Lothario, he's directing his secretary to send cards and flowers to a list of women "Thinking only of you" while screening a preposterously phallic lipstick commercial. Watch for a smart cameo by "Saturday Night Live's" underused comic Chris Rock as an up-and-coming mailroom kid who's looking at Eddie's top-dog spot. Eventually she accepted the role, after some of the more tasteless jokes in the script were changed or removed. Hudlin however did say that "she was great to work with," and that "she really got into the spirit of it, and was a lot of fun. So, I wanted the audience to feel like this would be a fair fight. During production, Hudlin said that whenever David Alan Grier and Martin Lawrence worked, the film's crew usually worked a little slower because wherever they were, there would be so much comedy being generated and they were so funny that everyone wanted to hang out near where they were throughout the day. Director Hudlin explained, "I remember when I saw Jules and Jim when I was a kid, and that awkward, awkward feeling of two guys, one has a better time with girls than the other, and they both fall in love with the same woman. Tisha Campbell also worked with Hudlin on House Party, and was brought on board to play Murphy's obnoxious, and somewhat obsessive, neighbor. He's got to reject her, and choose her. The film centers on Marcus Graham Murphy , an advertisement executive and playboy. The expertly light touch is marred only by the recurrence of Murphy's blustery, out-of-place homophobia. Eddie looks great, Robin and Halle look great. Boomerang soundtrack Marcus Miller produced the original score for the film, while Antonio "L.

Eddie murphy and robin givens dating

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