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Guy i was dating stopped talking to me

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I find it incredibly rude and hurtful to not respond to me when he saw my text the next morning, and to have disappeared into thin air like this. Don't waste the time trying to find a reason that doesn't exist. Although it may be uncomfortable and challenging to clearly explain what is going on, when men fail to offer an insight into what is going on in their minds, this can leave the person they were involved with coming to all kinds of irrational conclusions as to what went so badly wrong that silence is now the chosen solution. Whatever is going on is already going on. I mean, what if he thought he responded and that it's thus her turn? I never heard back from you. First of all, I would like to thank all of you for your help and support. Based on your silence, he could be saying the same thing at this moment in his own thread on X media. Maybe he never got your last message? Get mad, get sad, punch things, eat things, vent to your friends, then go on with your life knowing that you took the initiative. Do NOT ask whiny things like "Are we through?

Guy i was dating stopped talking to me

Maybe he broke both thumbs and can't text. It seems like serious self-sabotage to throw away what sounds like a perfectly good relationship out of some weird conviction that it's his turn to send the next text. I'd been seeing the guy for about three months, and he seemed to be very into me more into me than I was him. Texting is hard, and you should give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to texting. Maybe, just to make things worse for him, whatever his reply was may have contained something intimate or a joke or something that he looked at afterwards and thought may have offended you. Don't think too much about it. I'm also utterly confused about what to do if he does reach out. Although the likelihood of this is slim, as women generally love conversing about their feelings, it feels so alien to men that they build walls and lock their emotions away just to be sure. That it never arrived. If he ignores you again, move on. A week without communication is shitty behaviour in a relationship, but this is something that you are currently both guilty of. It's vital you remember that it's not you. Sometimes the topic is just over, and a new one doesn't immediately spring to mind. This advice is for you. For me, natural life rhythms can cause the "obligation to respond" criteria to reset, which sometimes causes hurt feelings for the first kind of person. So if the latter scenario is true, why didn't he text again after he failed to get a reply from you? Hope everything is okay? The fact that you were the last one to send a text is almost irrelevant. Either way he's not an adult. So be un-reactive to this so that you have clarity of the whole situation. First, out of these two scenarios, which does your guy fall into? He might have been sending you texts that haven't gone through and he thought they did and thinks you're ghosting him. Since he's been active on social media and you know he's not dead in ditch, mentally cut your losses and move on!! He might be focused on something and have his phone off. Anyone who has ever used a dating site knows about ghosting.

Guy i was dating stopped talking to me

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