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How to stand sexy

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I think it is interesting that cleavage with the breasts must be created unnaturally using support from clothing to mimic something only seen when naked. Walk around the room this is easier if you are moving around , pretending to be an extremely awkward, shy person. Women master this list, you may realize you do a lot of these things unconsciously throughout the day. Be forewarned this is powerful stuff: This is a great flirting technique. Originally published July Final Notes You probably noticed the basic ideas here and can come up with some of your own. This triangle space is the intimate stare and suggests you want to kiss them. Read on to find out how you can vamp up your life. Being subtle is key here though! Give a mischievous glance.

How to stand sexy

Note, if you wear dramatic lipstick keep the eye makeup light to balance it out. To attract women, it pays to move in more strong and deliberate ways, while still maintaining that natural and fluid energy. Red triggers a primal response of sexuality and fertility. Women master this list, you may realize you do a lot of these things unconsciously throughout the day. If it is being bounced or swung on the foot it is even more attractive and suggestive. The Child face — Looking up, head tilted to the side, big eyes — This evokes in men the need to protect you by making your face appear smaller and eyes appear larger and more child-like. Getty Images Play up your cleavage with caution "A little cleavage is a tantalizing turn-on for a man who enjoys the chase, but too much cleavage can make you look like the hunter and be a turn-off, unless you're a one-night stand," says Dr. This is a mating ritual performed by humans when they see someone attractive. True, but please don't be the weirdo who stares out chicks all night. Image from Wikimedia Commons. This is a great flirting technique. Seems pretty simple right? Arching the back — stretching is a nice way to pull this off. So how do you have that sexy attractive body language? Here she is demonstrating the S-Curve stance, much more interesting than standing straight up. This highlights a difference between men and women. The more you are naturally endowed, the less pushing up and out you need to do. Right, right… your body language and voice tone. Also, if you learn to use a seductive voice tone and body language in regular conversation, you will find that you can get girls talking about random things like weather as well. Tuck your tailbone a little, elongate your spine, lift your head, and gently pull the chin back. Slower equals greater impact. Correct posture will boost your confidence and make you seem more likeable and outgoing, which is a great start, and will go a long way in a job interview or sales presentation. In fact, this will appear much more natural than forcing a certain posture. Smile — There are a lot of different smiles. Here, Malin Akerman strikes the right balance by wearing a low cut top that even reveals a bit of her lacy bra, but because her tatas aren't too big, it looks chic, not cheap. Make a slowly and smoothly head movement. For guys, ditch the muscle tops, gelled hair, strangely-shaped or too much facial hair, and trousers that finish too high on the ankles.

How to stand sexy

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