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Is vin diesel bisexual

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Poem is conjectured to be Ferdinand Smith , a sailor from Jamaica who Hughes corresponded with up until Smith's death in Jamaica Berry Kerouac apparently qualifies, so it's a fair addition. Therefore, to include people from ancient times on this list may not accurately reflect their sexual preference or lend credence to the modern day issues of sexuality. List people who have spoken out publicly, and made their orientation matter. The poem, Sailor Ashore, was written for Smith. Further, it's not clear that he ever acted on his supposed "latent bisexuality". It was said that soldiers sang mockingly that "Caesar conquered the Gauls, but Nicomedes conquered Caesar". Hilton's romantic or physical involvements with other women are of concern here, not her opinion of male homosexuals. There is eveidence from a notable amount of sources that is he bisexual. For example, is a business owner who's recognized as an expert in his field someone we would want added? It may be that he never acted on his "residual bisexuality", but one does not need to have sex to be one, all the is required is the attractions, however little. Axel Foley, played by Eddie Murphy in the Beverly Hills Cop films, is a street-smart Detroit native, but he only becomes interesting to the film and, by extension, the majority of cinema-goers when he attains fish-out-of-water status in the eye-shieldingly white Los Angeles neighbourhood of the title.

Is vin diesel bisexual

Or do you suggest that he excluded himself from his own theory? First add a mention of his orientation to his biography, with whatever proof the editors over there require. Having roamed the world, and grown bigger with every film, the troupe will return to the U. The fans were showing the studio the way. Bots are not allowed on this sub. Being hostile to a person offering a reasonable explanation will be treated the same way as harassing someone who is a M. No "does anyone else? Shouldn't she be placed in the Disputed section rather than the Confirmed section? Can you please add a note there, with your citation? For example, Ancient Greece and later Rome did not really have a concept of masculine and feminine but rather saw people as dominant and submissive. It risks being a smear campaign. By that reckoning, a 17th-century Polynesian who had sex with both men and women would not be considered bisexual because he had never heard of Sigmund Freud. Probably due, at least in part, to the effort it saves in linking the names. Ancient Greeks hardly count, either, since their concept of gender was very different. Long before "black is beautiful" of the 60's, Hughes was saying black is beautiful. So the question we're discussing is whether that is or isn't reasonable enough documentation to include him in this list. Am I asking this question in the wrong place by tacking it onto this? In addition, Van Vechten sends Hughes a photograph of two very handsome black sailors with a "wink, wink" inuendo Barnard I've removed her until we can get better sourcing. Before and Beyond Harlem. No posts including links with no explanation, blogspam, or conspiracy sites or videos 9. There is little dispute in the literary world or amongst historical biographers concerning Hughes' sexual persuasion. Oxford University Press, Berry, Faith. I don't want to cause controversy though. Under Roman law emancipated slaves may still be required to render certain services, including sexual ones, to their former master. What seems to throw a lot of critics is that the films are very important without being very good.

Is vin diesel bisexual

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