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Liquidating stocks in an estate

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You must have an estate account set up to receive any assets and not co-mingle estate assets with your own assets. Step 5 Sell the stock by contacting the broker or agent. This will probably involve contacting the broker or agent for the stock and completing the necessary paperwork. How to Sell a Stock Portfolio From a Decedent An estate account is an account used to settle the affairs of someone who has died. Take everything to a financial institution that can issue a Gold Medallion Signature Guarantee. Follow the same procedure, except contact the brokerage firm instead of the transfer agent. Step 5 Sell stock, as directed. If you are appointed by a court, you're properly called an administrator. If you are entitled to receive stocks that are part of the probated estate, ask to be notified when ownership of the shares is transferred to you. In either case, ownership of the shares automatically transfers to you with no need for review by a probate court.

Liquidating stocks in an estate

Ask the transfer agent to send you a transfer of ownership form. Step 2 Apply for an employer identification number. The Internal Revenue Service requires that you attach a new tax ID number to an estate account so it can track your transactions and any tax that may be due. To properly process the decedent's assets, you'll need to transfer them into the estate account. Step 1 Verify that you have proper authority. While you have the authority to make trades and distribute money from an estate account, you can't simply do whatever you want. How to Reissue Stocks to Beneficiaries Unless you are the joint owner of the stock with right of survivorship or the stock was titled as "transfer on death" to you, you will need to be the executor or appointed representative of the the deceased's estate to redeem stocks. You may be granted authority by either a court of law or the will or trust document of the decedent. In all other cases, you don't have the proper authority to sell stock in the estate account. Fill out the transfer of ownership form and the form on the backs of each paper stock certificate, if there are any. Step 1 Probate the will. Often this can be done online by setting up an account. Step 4 Transfer appropriate assets into the account. As an executor or administrator, you're responsible for filing tax returns for the estate. You'll have to contact a financial services firm to do so. Once the transfer of ownership is processed, inform the heirs and provide them with the name of the transfer agent or broker along with contact information. Step 5 Sell the stock by contacting the broker or agent. You may then move the stocks to another account or place an order to sell the shares. Step 4 Reregister all stocks in the name of the estate as soon as possible after receiving the letters testamentary. Complete the appropriate forms, which will vary from firm to firm. On occasion, shares will be held in a brokerage account with no named beneficiary. If you sell stocks in the account, you're required to report these transactions to the IRS. The executor is the only person who can transfer ownership of estate assets. Step 6 File appropriate taxes. Mail the transfer of ownership form and accompanying documents to the transfer agent or brokerage firm where the shares are held. Take everything to a financial institution that can issue a Gold Medallion Signature Guarantee. Most banks, credit unions and brokerage firms can issue a Medallion Signature Guarantee.

Liquidating stocks in an estate

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