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Newport tower carbon dating

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Though the poem was only fiction, it helped popularize the theory and strengthen the connection of the tower with the idea of an early Norse settlement of New England within the public's mind. Some theorists simply suggest that the mill was built in the European style. The tower appears on a map of Rhode Island in Local building traditions from whence the builders came also influenced its style. Jackson conducted a comparative analysis of the Newport Towers mortar with mortar from other structures in town, including the Bull House which was built in At only 28 feet in height and about 24 feet across, most visitors to Newport, Rhode Island don't give it much notice. It may never be possible to "prove" the origin of the tower to all party's satisfaction. However, some specific features narrow the range to the late 's. And why was it built? Under detailed examination, all proved to be of very similar composition, "composed of shell lime, sand, and gravel". As critics of the Arnold theory point out, this lack of pre-colonial objects doesn't prove that the building itself isn't much older. The towers possible origin also possibly extends outside of Europe. As a windmill, an observatory or maybe even a temple?

Newport tower carbon dating

He argues that the Chinese built the tower as an observatory or lighthouse. The walls are approximately 3 feet 0. There is also the Portuguese theory, favored by historian Edmund Delabarre who theorized that the Newport Tower was constructed by Portuguese navigator Miguel Cort-Real who Delabarre thought Cort-Real was shipwrecked in the area while searching for his lost brother, Gaspar, in Narragansett Bay. This image has been or is hereby released into the public domain by its creator So what's the mystery? Means thought the tower resembled round churches found in Scandinavia and suggested that Arnold simply converted an already-existing structure to a windmill, rather than building the tower from the ground up. The tower appears on a map of Rhode Island in The unique style of the Newport Tower was further influenced by the Templars round churches of Scandinavia. They believe Governor Arnold was in fact the structures builder. Above the arches and inside the tower is evidence of a floor that once supported an interior chamber. Winthrop of Connecticut says, "Benedict Arnold having now bought house and land at Newport, proposing thither to remove. Rafn's ideas about the Norse origin of the tower were so persuasive that poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow included it in his Viking ballad "The Skeleton in Armor". There is also some indication that the structure was already there when English colonists arrived on the scene and the town of Newport was founded. We learned about the Vikings in school and were carefully told about the Viking theory of the Newport Tower We also took field trips to the tower and read the famous Longfellow poem about an imaginary Viking warrior's skeleton in the Newport Tower The Skeleton In Armor Like the public at large, we found it all thrilling and much more exciting than the notion of a colonial grist mill. Excavations in and around the tower have unearthed only artifacts consistent with the colonial period: The tower has a height of 28 feet 8. Four years after Mean's book came out two professors, P. However, other historians have claimed to debunk this theory by pointing to similar structures created by Canadians in the s. Researchers in released their findings, claiming that the Newport Tower dated back to the 17th century. This led him to suggest that the Newport tower was originally part of an early Norse settlement. The type of fireplace installed in most of these windmills is also similar to the fireplace in the Newport Tower because the flu exits through the side wall, rather than the roof. Rafn had studied strange markings found on Dighton Rock in nearby Massachusetts and come to the conclusion they were of Scandinavian origin. Here's commentary about the C dating , in which J. Suzanne is a noted lecturer and author on historical sites and she is listed in Who's Who in America. Menzie's writings are extremely controversial, however, and not accepted by most mainstream scientists. Local building traditions from whence the builders came also influenced its style.

Newport tower carbon dating

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