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Ocean park speed dating 2014

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Furthermore, singles increasingly look for speed dating events held at unique outdoor settings — and there is none as special as Ocean Park, given its beautiful natural setting and unique combination of adorable animals and exciting rides. We have arranged for the event a series of creative games designed to break the ice and help participants find their other half. I am still alone. Participants got to showcase their knowledge about animals by taking part in group quizzes at Amazing Asian Animals and Polar Adventure, and putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle to identify a rainforest animal. Despite being only 23, Wendy So Shun-man, also felt the need to attend speed dating events in search of a serious relationship. Hong Kong is a metropolitan city where younger people enjoy making friends with foreigners. Lam today by arranging a diver to display a message of love inside the Grand Aquarium. Besides offering a total theme park experience combining conservation, education and entertainment values, Ocean Park also boasts a number of romantic spots that appeal to couples looking to create beautiful memories. The successful applicants will be notified before 11 February. They also had a chance to show off their knowledge of Ocean Park by trying to identify the most attractions from the top of Ocean Park Tower. Shared interests and mutual respect are often more important to a lasting romance. Single, childless and maligned: From time to time, the HKTB highlights this aspect in our promotions in short-haul markets. Starting from today until 7 February, interested singles who are fans of Ocean Park and supporters of animal conservation can register on-line at www.

Ocean park speed dating 2014

What will be their social support network? Similarly, language and cultural barriers are not as critical as people presumed when it comes to cross-cultural relationships. Besides being a favourite destination for couples to date and propose, Ocean Park also hosts a great many wedding ceremonies and wedding banquets. Chan warned that the government would need to bear a huge social cost if the situation did not improve soon. Social impact The city has seen a decline in fertility rates over the past 33 years, according to a census report released in The first group of 48 pairs of singles today took part in a series of engaging games and activities at various iconic and romantic attractions in Ocean Park. We have unique restaurants and creative packages available to meet the different needs of marrying couples who love nature and conservation. Women have seen the age of marriage pushed to 29 from 26 over the same year period. On each event day, 48 pairs of love struck participants will engage each other at three of the most iconic and romantic spots in Ocean Park. In addition, she sought to expand her social circle by taking classes after work. Participants got to showcase their knowledge about animals by taking part in group quizzes at Amazing Asian Animals and Polar Adventure, and putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle to identify a rainforest animal. Our mission is to create pleasant and comfortable experience for travellers with exceptional facilities and quality customer service. We think you'd also like Thank youYou are on the list. Like many lonely hearts in the city, her search is ongoing. After a meticulous matching process, a total of of the most sought-after singles have been selected for the three-day event. With over 2, singles from Hong Kong and around the world vying to join the event, one out of ten female and one out of three male applicants were ultimately selected. Once, they set up a casual blind date for her with the son of a family friend. As fertility rates fell, the size of the average domestic household shrank from 3. This also shows that the gender imbalance is not limited to Hong Kong. Mary is one of many young women in the city having trouble finding a partner. Hung propose to his girlfriend Ms. Single, childless and maligned: I encourage them to join this unprecedented international speed dating event to make friends with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, thereby expanding their options. They also have a chance to receive secret prizes, bringing their date to a sweet conclusion. Capitalising on the anxious hearts looking for love, matchmakers in Hong Kong have seen a thriving business in the digital era despite the prevalence of free dating apps that supposedly revolutionised how this generation could find romance by simply swiping right. For example, we once rolled out romance-themed winter promotion in Southeast Asia. At Thrill Mountain, participants were challenged to take four specific exciting rides.

Ocean park speed dating 2014

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