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Rules on dating my best friend

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She may not hold her boyfriend back from drinking too much, nor can she hover over him all night. There is one dangerous trap that comes with this matchmaking title, and that is the pitfall of becoming the Relationship Middle Man. Of course, I still gave him hell about it, calling him daily, reminding him that he was no friend at all. She has better things to do than sit around and wait for you. The higher she scores, the more likely the best friend and all other friends will accept her into their group. I had given up on friends with girlfriends long ago. There is at least a possibility of scoring points on this scale. The friend is merely there as a wingman and for moral support, someone to laugh with about all the girls who slapped him after a his crappy pickup lines. I believe this holiday can be split between both the best friend and the girlfriend. Unless one party has done something particularly horrible or abusive, be Switzerland. The friend must attend every birthday party of his best friend. Tell them your job is not relationship referee. All other birthdays are to be agreed upon be all parties, except for the 21st birthday party of the friend. These days are to be agreed upon by all parties.

Rules on dating my best friend

They decided that they would take a trip up to Birmingham, Ala. By no means am I going to tell her that she should stop seeing you, but I have no problem voicing any concerns. The best friend is allowed to get his friend as drunk as he feels necessary — necessary has no limits. Holidays and Weekends This article is the deciding factor in the sharing of the best friend, who gets him what weekends and holidays, etc. Whether you are playing a middle man in a relationship, a work environment, or in between friends, you could be doing more harm than good. For getting naked yourself. It may be tempting to secretly or not so secretly side with one friend due to being friends longer, ovaries before brovaries, etc. Of course, I still gave him hell about it, calling him daily, reminding him that he was no friend at all. Make plans with her in advance. There are our college friends, our BFFs since we can remember, work-colleagues-turned-friends, and everything in between. Never make my best friend cry. Add an additional point for each hot friend. If you make plans with my best friend, follow through. There is no discussion in this matter. My best friend is a lady, not a booty call. Drive to her house or apartment, and pick her up. He will not let him do things that would break up his relationship with his girlfriend, unless said girlfriend is a b—. The best friend retains all rights to throw his friend a kick-ass party. At first, as I recall, he planned on coming. You have to impress me. I think this is pretty self-explanatory, but it still needed to be said. There are several ways to do this. For showing up to a party in which you were NOT invited. Of course, like any good friend would do, I invited my best friend. Friends dating friends can be awesome. It will take a lot to impress me. If you come to one of our parties and bring one your hot girl friends with you.

Rules on dating my best friend

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