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Some sociologists describe the dating process as a

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You are the same person regardless of what clothes you wear, but if you dress for a job interview as you would dress for a party to use our earlier example , the person interviewing you would get an impression you might not want to convey. These statuses may make competing demands on you in your one role as a principal. If they are violated, social order might well break down, as you would quickly find if you dared to ask your cashier how her or his sex life has been, or if two students sitting in class violated their student role by kissing each other passionately. Key Takeaways A dramaturgical approach likens social interaction to a dramatic production. Compare the appearance, dress, and demeanor of the servers and other personnel in the two establishments. The expensive restaurant is trying to convey an image that the food will be wonderful and that the time you spend there will be memorable and well worth the money. Another way to resolve role conflict is to find some alternative that would meet the needs of your conflicting roles. Women tend more than men to look directly into the eyes of people with whom they interact, a process called gazing. In this way, fear became a biological instinct and part of our genetic heritage. Social interaction involves impression management. Partly for this reason, sociologists interested in microsociology have long tried to understand social life by analyzing how and why people interact they way they do. He took up the challenge by gaining admission to a police academy and going through the regular training program for all recruits. This section draws on their work to examine various social influences on individual behavior. Just as actors in a play learn what lines to say, where to stand on the stage, how to position their bodies, and so many other things, so do we learn as members of society the roles that specify how we should interact. In another example, your author once knew a new professor who was woefully nervous lecturing in front of students.

Some sociologists describe the dating process as a

People who grow up in poverty or near-poverty, including disproportionate numbers of people of color, are less likely than those who grow up in much wealthier circumstances to possess cultural capital. Sociological Inquiry, 80, — One important aspect is that insincere displays of emotion can be used to manipulate a situation. In touching, men are more likely than women to touch someone, especially when that someone is a woman; as he guides her through a doorway, for example, he might put his arm behind her arm or back. Now, you might expect such an intimate question from a very close friend, because discussions of intimate matters are part of the roles close friends play, but you would definitely not expect it from a cashier you do not know. In a play, of course, the frontstage is what the audience sees and is obviously the location in which the actors are performing their lines. Such impression management , Goffman wrote, also guides social interaction in everyday life. Nonverbal Social Interaction Social interaction is both verbal and nonverbal. They try to convey the impression of their character the playwright had in mind when the play was written and the director has in mind when the play is presented. Key Takeaways A dramaturgical approach likens social interaction to a dramatic production. A flight attendant who did not like helping people or was afraid of flying? Positive emotions, he says, lead to more successful social interaction and help gain needed resources e. Gender differences also exist in two other forms of nonverbal interaction: Publishers or senior editors who dine at these restaurants will eat only with celebrity authors, other senior editors or publishers, or important agents. Compare the appearance, dress, and demeanor of the servers and other personnel in the two establishments. People who interact are actors on a stage, the things they say and do are equivalent to the parts actors play, and any people who observe their interaction are equivalent to the audience at a play. Impression management is important in many settings and situations but perhaps especially important in the job interview. For social order to be possible, effective social interaction must also be possible. When people interact, they routinely try to convey a positive impression of themselves to the people with whom they interact. Similarities, differences, stereotypes, and origins. In fact, if it looked too fancy, you would probably think it was too expensive. Consider the medical visit just mentioned. Such gazing is meant to convey interest in the interaction and to be nonthreatening. The social construction of reality. These two eating establishments convey very different impressions of the quality of food and service that diners can expect. These roles exist before we are born, and they continue long after we die. Sociological theories of human emotions.

Some sociologists describe the dating process as a

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