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Updating c map cartridges

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Surely it should be the responsibility of the retailer to ensure that the chart that he sells is up to date, exactly the same as BA paper charts. I trying it out for the first time as I had just purchased it and should have had up to date charts on it. I have also had no reply from Simrad when I emailed them. These are supplied, supposedly up to date when ordered. I've still had no reply from Jepessen to pass on contact details for their legal department but I assume when Trading Standards get in touch they will be more forthcoming and hopefully change their practices. Meanwhile I have bought the Navionics charts and set off to the Med in 9 days so can leave all the stress behind me. They kept in contact with me and it has now been collected by their carrier. Only pukka Admiralty Chart Agents keep their stock corrected, and most chandlers are not. Tony Cross , No, his argument is with the retailer who sold it to him. Pete I don't see it that way. I felt that was not on for a new packaged product. When I phoned them using their UK phone number which was automatically routed to Italy I was told that the only way was to send the card to Italy at my expense. How would you feel if you went to buy a BA Chart, and the first thing you had to do was bring it up to date by applying corrections? Well no problem, it can be fixed easily, just send it to Italy!

Updating c map cartridges

Also, as soon as I complained and asked for contact details for legal or management they stopped replying at all. I certainly do not think the updating of charts on a new product should be the responsibility of a user. Interestingly, the simrad website says that the embedded cartography is Navionics Trident It will run c-map or Navionics so its says But you should expect to receive charts that were reasonably up to date at the time purchased, and continued to work indefinitely, so obviously what you actually got was not acceptable. It's quite normal to install a piece of software and then allow it to download updates to the latest version. In this case, despite the cards being ordered recently, the data on some of them appears to be out of date. Claims free charts from 3rd party. It's just a stock-keeping convenience, one unit is suitable for all markets worldwide, and chart data won't be ageing on the shelves. BruceDanforth There was an earlier suggestion that he might take it back and get something else. The operation of this device is unfit for purpose. I took it down to the boat and connected power to it. If not then I think your argument is with Simrad, not C Map. The second option was for them to arrange a carrier to pick up the complete package and give me a full refund. Pete Strathglass , I am happy to leave it all to Trading Standards to see if they think there is a case to answer. Meanwhile I have bought the Navionics charts and set off to the Med in 9 days so can leave all the stress behind me. Caveat emptor as they say? I then sent an email to them asking them to give me precise details on how I could have it updated. Card has a 33kb file on it which has no charts but may be some sort of identifier - but is certainly NOT pre-programmed with the above So after no response to emails to several different addresses printed on the leaflet I call and speak to Angelika at Jepessen and she has me email her a copy of this leaflet claiming never to have seen it though she later sent me the same damn thing back to show how I could upgrade from the BDS to the Max N Wide despite knowing I did not have anything to upgrade from And below, in a response email from Angelika - "you can download either the MAX-N BDS or the MAX-N WIDE though neither are a free option" So the pre-programmed charts that come "bundled" with my card are not pre-programmed and not bundled with and not even available to download as a free option - in other words they cost money. I also emailed them to ask for clarification but have had no reply yet. Do you know how long the shop had had it? Jeppessen, at times, can be quite "quirky" to deal with when things aren't running smoothly and I'm sure the feeling expressed by Strathglass is shared by a few, his communication of our thoughts on the matter are entirely true, and we have every sympathy with his course of action! Purchaser has got confused between this and some other promotional bumph and believes he is being asked to pay for charts that should have been bundled. This solves the shelf-life problem above - let the user download updates when they buy it, so that the data is as fresh as possible. I do, the answer is "not very long at all!

Updating c map cartridges

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