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Updating ports in freebsd

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For example, to set this variable to "0" for only the command that follows, using the default tcsh, we can type: That lets you set all the options first rather than at various points during the build. The search target includes full information about the matches: Afterwards, it will remove the expanded source code for this port and any dependencies. The key is used to verify the integrity of all downloaded files. These results look like this: We can use the stat tool to see the various timestamps associated with the file: These cases necessitate the use of ports regardless of your preferences. Removing this directory saves disk space and minimizes the chance of problems later when upgrading to the newer version of the port: However, it is dependent upon Ruby. Paste to several pastebin services via bash script One further situation that you may come across in your searches is a port that has been moved or deleted. Some valid modifiers are: Better top 1 - interactive process viewer Maint:

Updating ports in freebsd

So in the wget example above, we see that the wget command has been categorized within the ftp group. When using, specify the alternate location: Yes… except it might not be just Firefox, and there might be a chain of dependencies that have to be updated in a particular order. These have exactly the same functionality, differing only in their default display. If this is the case, continue onto the next section to learn how to extract an initial ports tree onto your system using portsnap. Search only within the name field of the port. Removing this directory saves disk space and minimizes the chance of problems later when upgrading to the newer version of the port: Have been added since the last time you updated your ports Involve the ports you have installed on your system So, for this example, we would only need to pay attention to notices that have been added since December 11th involving our installed ports. We can do this with the clean or distclean targets. We can update the ports tree using a utility called portsnap. The portmaster port does not have any dependencies, but if there were any, configuration options for dependencies would be presented directly after the target port's configuration above. There are times when critical updates might not have a package available yet, and there are certain pieces of software that cannot be distributed in a packaged format due to licensing restrictions. See fetch 3 for the complete list of supported variables. This last set of options tells Portupgrade to abort if no packages are available: If this field is present, but empty, the port has been deleted. Even though these are deleted, they will still show up in your search results. Users of the tcsh shell should type rehash so that a newly installed command can be used without specifying its full path. If the application is installed, it will usually return the path to the executable, the port, and often the man page: If you do not know which ports are installed on your system, you can use portmaster to create a complete list: Then it rebuilds that port, and finally rebuilds all ports that depend on it. The values we want to pay attention to are the "Modify" and "Change" times, which are highlighted in the output above. Installing Ports This section provides basic instructions on using the Ports Collection to install or remove software. To install a port, change to the directory of the port within the port tree. To upgrade a single port, you can go to the port's directory location within the port tree and reinstall the new version of the software: These results look like this: Searching with whereis The easiest way of searching for an application is by name using the whereis command.

Updating ports in freebsd

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